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Saratoga Springs,Ut,USA

Member Since:

Jan 15, 2015



Goal Type:

Local Elite

Running Accomplishments:

First Team-All State XC 2015 (3rd)

2nd Place Team 2015 5A XC Championships 

Third Team-All NXR Southwest 2015 (20th)

Second Team-All West (9th) and Footlocker Nationals Qualifier 


800- 1:57.85 (Region IV)

1600- 4:21.03 (State) 

3200- 9:07.59** (Arcadia Invite) 

3 mile- 15:19 (Region IV)

5k- 15:20 (Nike Southwest)

Half Marathon- aided: 1:21:59 (AF canyon) 


Short-Term Running Goals:

Run sub 15:20 5k before I leave

Get top 3 at the AF Canyon 10k 

PR at the Freedom Run 10k




Long-Term Running Goals:

 Break 4 minutes in the mile

Break 14 minutes in the 5k

Beat Chicken Nugget in a marathon  

Become the next Prefontaine

Leave a legacy  





Senior at Lehi High School. Been running since 7th grade. Going on an LDS mission to Paris, France and then running at Weber State University. Member of the Hobby Jogger Project and Team Pre. I like rap and playing ping pong and basketball.

@connor_baller on garmin connect and instagram and @arnell_connor on twitter

Follow @the.hjp and @teampre on instagram as well


Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 81.25 Year: 1688.00
Adidas Energy Boost 2 Black Lifetime Miles: 380.00
Nike Rival XC Lifetime Miles: 66.75
Adidas Energy Boost 2 Blue Lifetime Miles: 1122.25
Barefoot Lifetime Miles: 72.75
Asics GT-2000 3 Gray Lifetime Miles: 632.75
Hoka Clifton 2 Green Lifetime Miles: 767.75
Saucony Shay XC4 Lifetime Miles: 34.00
Adidas Boost ESM Solar Red Lifetime Miles: 399.25
NB Zante Gray Lifetime Miles: 309.00
Asics 33-FA Blue Lifetime Miles: 385.00
Nike Pegasus 32 Gray Lifetime Miles: 161.25
New Balance LD5000 Lifetime Miles: 23.50
Bike Lifetime Miles: 20.00
Pegasus 33 Gray Lifetime Miles: 71.25
Total Distance

6 with 3x800.  2:31, 2:32, 2:31.  Was close to throwing up after.  Shout out to Tyler!

Pull-ups, chin-ups, and push-ups to get more swole then before


Every missionaries dream is to leave the MTC. You can intentionally hurt yourself so you have to go see the doctor, or you can have a guy from Hong Kong as your comp and get invited to Temple Square. If someone is from really far away they can ride up to temple and get a tour. Elder Ho definitely wanted to do it cuz he has never been to the US and I definitely wanted to do it to get out of here lol. So we rode in a charter bus to frontrunner and rode that up to Salt Lake. So we stopped at the Lehi and AF stations and everything and it was soooooo weird seeing Pioneer Crossing and all this stuff I would drive by everyday, not having seen it for 3 weeks and knowing I wasn't gonna see it for pretty much two more years. At the Lehi Station, these two girls I recognized from high school got on and I said hi and they started to sit down next to Elder Ho and I and asked if they could. I just responded uuummm I'm not suuurrrreeeee. And so they moved. Awwwkkwward lol. We had a very short time so we couldn't see a lot of things, but we visited the Joseph Smith memorial building, the conference center, the tabernacle, the roof. It was all so sick. It was the most fun start to a day ever. Before today I  had taken 120 pictures, and just today I took 140 so I'll choose the best and get ready to be swarmed. 

This week on Tuesday we hit our halfway mark so that means we would get a new district leader and I got asked to be it. I accepted and I'll be it for the rest of the MTC. It just means that I pick up the mail twice a day, lead the discussion after the tuesday devotional, and choose who prays.
On Sunday, Elder Ho and I had our lesson in priesthood on Enduring to the End. To say it was Str8 fire would be a major understatement. I'm surprised the entire room didn't get translated because of it. jk but everybody came up to us after ward and said that it was super good. The first counselor in the branch presidency was in there and at the end he said they had been greatly taught or something like that. It was really fun. Feel free to check out the scriptures we used:
Enduring to the End 2Nephi 31:20, D&C 10:69, 2Nephi 9:24, 3Nephi 27: 16-17, Matthew 10:22
Blessings for those who endure D&C 14:7, 1Nephi 13:37, 3Nephi 15:9, 
D&C 24:8 and Alma 26:27 
D&C 122:7-9 Joseph Smith Enduring in Carthage Jail 
Running: Saturday 2.5, Tuesday 5.75 w 3mile tempo 6:20,6:03,5:49, Wendesday 4.25, Thursday 6 w 3x800 equal rest 2:31,2:32,2:31 (almost threw up after lol) There's a pull up bar outside my room, so I switch off days of doing pull ups, chin ups, and push ups. I didn't think it was possible for someone as buff as me to actually gain more muscle, but I testify that its happening.  
Juan A Uceda of the 70 gave the Tuesday devotional. He was a convert in '72 and told us that you never know who you could be teaching the gospel too. He thanked our parents for sending us out which is definitely true in my life cuz my parents are day 1's #100emoji He talked for a long time on D&C 4:2 that we should serve with ALL of our heart might mind and strength. 
MTC is still sick. Saw homies Danny Tumblin from Davis who I met at the byu xc camp. He's across the hall going to Milan Italy. And Gavin Harris from Lehi going to Benin and Togo Africa FRENCH speaking so we'll see each other a lot. Said goodbye to homie Asa Nielson #cryingemoji he's a stud and is gonna throw down in Minnesota. 
Love all of you.
Fan of the week goes to Megan Bartholomew 

Pegasus 33 Gray Miles: 6.00
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Total Distance

Pegasus 33 Gray Miles: 4.25
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Total Distance

5.75 with a 3 mile tempo! 6:20, 6:03, and 5:49 for the tempo! 

Pegasus 33 Gray Miles: 5.75
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Total Distance
Pegasus 33 Gray Miles: 16.00
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