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Saratoga Springs,Ut,USA

Member Since:

Jan 15, 2015



Goal Type:

Local Elite

Running Accomplishments:

Received a scholarship to run in college 

3rd place at State XC senior year 

Footlocker Nationals Qualifier 


800- 1:57.85 (Region IV)

1600- 4:21.03 (State) 

3200- 9:07.59 (Arcadia Invite) 

5k- 15:20 (Nike Southwest)


Short-Term Running Goals:

Become a little better everyday, do the little things

Break a Weber State freshman record in track 

Long-Term Running Goals:

Leave a legacy/ Help Weber become a school that is competitive on the national stage.

Break 4 minutes in the mile

Weber Top 10 in Mile - 10k  

NCAA All-American in the 10K and Cross Country     

Olympic Trials Marathon



I grew up in Lehi, Utah where I ran for Lehi High School and made many incredible memories. In the summer of 2018 I returned home from a LDS mission in Paris, France and am now a student athlete at Weber State University #weareweber  

Follow me on instagram @connor_baller


Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 15.00 Year: 19.15
Barefoot Lifetime Miles: 91.63
Ultra Boost Blue Lifetime Miles: 184.32
Solar Glide Blue Lifetime Miles: 198.33
Adios Black Lifetime Miles: 81.95
Avanti Black Lifetime Miles: 0.00
Solar Glide Cookies&cream Lifetime Miles: 10.00
Pegasus 34 Gray Lifetime Miles: 31.02
Total Distance
Barefoot Miles: 8.08Clifton 2 Green Miles: 26.65Ultra Boost Blue Miles: 81.37Solar Glide Blue Miles: 65.45Adios Black Miles: 35.25Pegasus 32 Blue Miles: 48.69Saucony Shay XC4 Miles: 4.63
Total Distance

AM: 4.65 around the hospital. 

PM: Chill 60 on middle and then strides.  

My watch died so I couldn't put in the info for friday and saturday but just went and did that so feel free to check it out. 

Barefoot Miles: 0.40Clifton 2 Green Miles: 4.65Ultra Boost Blue Miles: 8.37
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Total Distance

Warm up, drills, strides. 

Workout was 2(8x400's at alternating paces) We were hitting 74's and 95. 5 minutes recovery inbetween sets. Then 2 200's. 

Some barefoot miles and then back to the weight room for lifting. I went hard on them squats 


Barefoot Miles: 1.10Solar Glide Blue Miles: 3.10Adios Black Miles: 5.93
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Total Distance

Easy 50. Glute got slightly worse as the run went on. Paul worked on it along with my hips for a while. 

Pegasus 32 Blue Miles: 6.80
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Total Distance

30 minutes easy and some strides. 

Ultra Boost Blue Miles: 4.29
Race: USU Invite (4.35 Miles) 00:22:20, Place overall: 15
Total Distance

USU Invitational 

2.58 warm up with Beej. Changed into my spikes and headed over to the line. Did the normal drills, got a good amount of strides in. They were playing some good music so I was just having a good time singing along and chillin. 

Goals for the race: Drop as much time off my time from the race a couple weeks earlier (22:43) Being the last race of the year and not having anything to lose, push myself and see where the fitness I have is. Feeling like I ran too conservative last time, I wanted to push the middle miles. Watch splits of the Autumn Classic were 5:08,5:24,5:21,5:08. They have more accurate mile splits online but since I only have watch mile splits for this race (a lot smaller race) thats what I'll compare. 

 Splits today were 4:58, 5:01, 5:19, 5:20. First mile was good, was in 25th place maybe. Second mile I continued to move really well, was right where I wanted to be. After the downhill, a side-ache formed on my right side which was not fun. Instead of continuing to move up, I went to the same speed as the guys around me. Eventually it went away and with a few hundred meters to go I picked up the pace and passed a couple guys and had a good kick. I finished at 22:20, 23 seconds faster than on the 15th, something that you have to be happy about. I pushed myself, ran hard, am moving in the right direction, and getting more fit every week. The season was great while it lasted. Now we got a couple months of training for track where I'll have my first hard workouts. Its gonna be exciting!

Saucony Shay XC4 Miles: 4.63Solar Glide Blue Miles: 3.15
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Total Distance

Parked at the Ridge and ran all over the Jail Trails. I was trying to take it easier cuz it was a chill day but fetch there was a lot of elevation gain and some pretty tough spots. I ran across the face of the mountain to Suncrest/Highland Blvd, where I would run in jr high, and then back to the school with some barefoot on the grass to finish up.  

Barefoot Miles: 1.20Solar Glide Blue Miles: 10.26
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Total Distance

AM: Ran with Tyson around 10am. It was beautiful outside. 4.5 easy. 

PM: Upper with strides. 

Barefoot Miles: 0.40Pegasus 32 Blue Miles: 12.59
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Total Distance

Lit workout at Beus. 2x400,8xK,2x400. 75's for the 400's. 3:07's on the k's and 70's on the 400's. It was a great workout. I felt great, it was smooth like a hot knife through butter. Cool down and got yoked. 


Ultra Boost Blue Miles: 4.27Adios Black Miles: 7.23
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Total Distance

Ran out towards Pipe, turned around a lil earlier than the guys to go to the bathroom. After that I went exploring on some other trails. It was cool at the start but then I didn't want to keep climbing and had to bushwack my way down towards the school lol finished with strides. 

Ultra Boost Blue Miles: 8.51
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Total Distance

Drove over to the Parkway with the boys for a workout. It was 5x3min @ 5:30ish, 1 min @ 7:00ish, 1 min @ 4:30ish, 3 min @ 7:30ish. Apparently this type of workout is one of Riley Cooks favorites. Legs were sore from Tuesday but were fine. After the last 1 min we got moving well and they were tired. Coach biked along with us which was fun. Got a nice cooldown in.   

Solar Glide Blue Miles: 10.47
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Total Distance

Unpopular opinion: Reverse upper is better than normal upper. Nice chill run, beautiful weather. Finished with a few strides. 

Barefoot Miles: 0.49Clifton 2 Green Miles: 8.28
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Total Distance

Sick long run on Ben Lomond mountain with Coach, Carson, Zach, and Nathaniel. First three mile climb was sweet. Next two miles are normally really nice but there was a lot of snow and then people went on the snow, made footprints, they froze, and it was kinda sketchy on the ankles. Even though those miles weren't as good, the view was amazing and it was a really fun time!

Solar Glide Blue Miles: 12.00
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Total Distance

AM Double: Hospital Loops.

PM: Reverse Upper. Love that run. Some barefoot on the turf and then strides. 

Barefoot Miles: 1.31Clifton 2 Green Miles: 4.40Pegasus 32 Blue Miles: 8.28
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Total Distance

AM: Hospital Loop and South Ogden

PM: Workout today was on the grass field. 16x400 at 70 with 60 seconds rest. We got a 2 minute break after 8 of them. Were were locked in. There was a lot of 69.9's and 70.5 or whatever that I was hitting. It never really got that bad. We opened up a lil on the last one and I felt like I could have went on for longer. Cooldown and then we had the gym going up on a Tuesday. 

Barefoot Miles: 0.25Ultra Boost Blue Miles: 3.60Solar Glide Blue Miles: 4.59Adios Black Miles: 5.61
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Total Distance

Ran around Sugar House Park and SLC after the meet was over with my main man Parker Steadman. Always a great time running and talking with him.  

SHOUT OUT TO MY MAIN MAN JULIAN CANALES FOR WINNING STATE!!! I can't express how crazy I was going with 500 meters to go. Insanely proud of him, the boys team, and the girls team for their efforts today.

Shout out to fellow Lehi Pioneer ANNA MARTIN FOR SETTING A NEW STATE RECORD!! She's a beast! 

Ultra Boost Blue Miles: 8.27
Total Distance

Warm up to Beus, drills strides. Workout was 2k,1k,2k,1k,1k,600,400,200,200. Instead of two groups like we normally do, we had three groups. I was in group two with Krey and Austin which meant I got to go a little faster today. For the 2k's we were going for 6:25, we were a little fast and coach was ok with that because he wasn't sure to have us go 25 or 20. For the k's we were going for 3:02.5. We were slow on the first one and then good on the remaining ones. Progressively opened up on the 600-200's. I got to go faster today and it was more difficult but still felt good and controlled and smooth. Things are looking up.  

Pegasus 32 Blue Miles: 4.62Adios Black Miles: 5.98
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Total Distance

Easy 60. My right hamstring was pretty sore from lifting but my legs still felt pretty good and fast felt good the first four miles or so on Pipe. Decided to get some incline on the way back and went on Reverse Upper. Strides.  

Barefoot Miles: 0.42Solar Glide Blue Miles: 8.69
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Total Distance

Nice Saturday long run with the boys on the Parkway. It was a lil chilly at times but still pretty good weather. Legs felt pretty good and it was a strong effort. I’m just happy to be getting stronger as the weeks go on. 

Ultra Boost Blue Miles: 12.52
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Total Distance

AM: Hospital Loops 

PM: Kinda weird afternoon run. I went up Strongs to upper. 

Barefoot Miles: 0.42Clifton 2 Green Miles: 4.69Pegasus 32 Blue Miles: 8.32
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Total Distance

Workout at Beus. 800,800,600,600,400,400. Really short workout but got the legs moving nicely. Cooldown and squats! :) 

Solar Glide Blue Miles: 4.50Adios Black Miles: 3.00
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Total Distance

Today was recovery Wednesday but I was feeling good so I said yolo and ran how I wanted to. I can do recovery on Friday if I want. Strides. 

Ultra Boost Blue Miles: 9.34
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Total Distance

Ran over from the house which was a mile and then the warm up with everyone else. Drills, strides. 300/200’s with equal recovery. About 2:51 for the threes and 33 on the twos. Two sets, second set was faster.

Solar Glide Blue Miles: 4.87Adios Black Miles: 4.25
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Total Distance

Sssllllooowwww rrreeccccooovvvveeerrryyy day... except for the 2:52 up Luge. That wasn't recovery haha. Not the greatest day to have done it, but its all good. 

Pegasus 32 Blue Miles: 8.08
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Total Distance

Warmed up .75 before the Halloween Half. Went out faster than I should have, even tho I went slower than the other guys. After settling in I just tried to run 6:15's. Did that for a while til my hammys started to get pretty tired from the run so far, and the two previous days. Slowed down and cruised in. It was a nice chill run on the parkway. Fun times with the boys. 

Got home right as the guys race started in Sacramento. They ran AWESOME and got 2ND!!! Shout out to all of them. Don't sleep on Weber. 

Ultra Boost Blue Miles: 15.00
Total Distance

AM: South Ogden dub 

PM: Pipe with Jacob, Tyson, and Kurt. Foot pain was a little worse today.

Barefoot Miles: 2.09Clifton 2 Green Miles: 4.63Ultra Boost Blue Miles: 7.20
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Total Distance

Some 400's on the grass. Got done with the first set of 6 and 2 of the second set but then my foot started to really bother me and I stopped there. Lifting afterwards. 

Huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY shoutout to the swollest, most babe slaying dude on the planet, the one and only Sir Matt Todd!! 

Solar Glide Blue Miles: 3.82Adios Black Miles: 3.25
Total Distance

30 minute elliptical and 25 minutes on the bike.    

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Total Distance
Barefoot Miles: 8.08Clifton 2 Green Miles: 26.65Ultra Boost Blue Miles: 81.37Solar Glide Blue Miles: 65.45Adios Black Miles: 35.25Pegasus 32 Blue Miles: 48.69Saucony Shay XC4 Miles: 4.63
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