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LP vs. Lehi Dual

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Jan 15, 2015



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World Class

Running Accomplishments:

Received a scholarship to run in college 

3rd place at State XC senior year 

Footlocker Nationals Qualifier 


800- 1:57.85 (Region IV)

1600- 4:21.03 (State) 

3200- 9:07.59 (Arcadia Invite) 

5k- 15:20 (Nike Southwest)


Short-Term Running Goals:

Travel during XC season

Qualify for XC Nationals

Break the Weber State Freshman record in the 5k (14:36) and 10k (30:06)

Long-Term Running Goals:

Leave a legacy/ Help Weber become a school that is competitive on the national stage.

Break 4 minutes in the mile

Weber Top 10 in 1500 - 10k  

NCAA All-American in the 10K and Cross Country



I grew up in Lehi, Utah where I ran for Lehi High School and made many incredible memories. In the summer of 2018 I returned home from a LDS mission in Paris, France and am now a student athlete at Weber State University #weareweber  

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Miles:This week: 8.00 Month: 73.30 Year: 269.51
Barefoot Lifetime Miles: 91.63
Pegasus 34 Gray Lifetime Miles: 53.45
Altra Provision Blue Lifetime Miles: 45.06
Pegasus 35 White Lifetime Miles: 182.87
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Energy Boost 2 Blue Miles: 56.25New Balance LD5000 Miles: 1.00
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Just wanted to do some feel good shout outs today

Shout out to Conner Mantz for giving up 2 years of training to go on a mission , and to Preston Warbeast Warby for saying some wise words on the sabbath. (and congrats to him for having visibal monthly viewers now, keep killing it) 

Thanks to Controversial Cam for putting me in his fav blogs, I should have put him in my fav blogs earlier but I got it done. His friends are savages haha for calling him out on the blog haha lol

Shout out to one of the kids that called Cam out. His name is Paul. Last year I got 10:00 at the Pine View invite in the two mile and Paul was bye me the entire time. Back then I just thought of him as the kid from Pine View with really long hair but I found his instagram (@paulgaona) so thats cool, I actually know who he is now. I also found Warbeast's insta (@the_warbeast) Nick Hill (@nike___hill) and Controversial Cams @cameron9brown so give em a follow. 

We are going to the pine view invite once again so all of my pine view boyz better hang with all us Lehi guys! 

Also shout out to Sarah! for committing to SUU! She'll be teammates with Maddie Kauffman who also committed this week so congrats to her! You guys are gonna kill it! 

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Got a nice warm up in, then did strides and 200's for pre meet. Tomorrow we have a dual with Lone Peak. I'm doing the 800 and then if I feel fine the 4x400 with Matt, Brady, and maybe Sean. Then me and Thom got the rest of our miles at a very slow pace because my legs are sore from Saturday 

Shout out to me cuz I finally watched the Dark Night, it was crazy. I'm halfway thru the dark night rises

Energy Boost 2 Blue Miles: 9.00
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Race: LP vs. Lehi Dual (0.497 Miles) 00:02:06, Place overall: 2
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(you are going down warbeast) #shewillbemine 

Today we had our first meet, a dual against LP. A few of us ran a few miles around the town a little before the meet started. Once it was time to warm up we did 2 miles. I wasn't feeling the greatest. I got a good start, mostly because I pushed Thomas and Galen out of the way, I apologize. Me and Sean went thru the 400 at 61, we cruised till about 100 left. Sean got 2:05, I got 2:06. Then Brady, Thomas, and Matt did well and ran an 07 08 and 09.

To cool down and get some miles, Team Pre hoped in the 2mile. At the start I was going really slow, slower than everybody else and I was struggling. But I felt better and finished at tempo run pace, overall time 11:51 I think. So after that I got my spikes on and Brady, Matt, Me, and Sean did a 4x400. Lehi had a bunch of other teams competing as well, with like strrt and thom. I did not feel very good, but I got the baton just a few meters back of a Lone Peak guy and just tried to stay on his tail. I ran a 57 unofficial split, and thats cool cuz I beat Matt and Sean (suck it) Brady did well on the lead off and also ran a 57. Cooled down half mile. 

Before we did the 800, me Matt Brady and Maddy did the shotput... ya thats right. Matt and Brady killed it and got 28 and 27 feet, then there was me and Maddy. I got 19'8 and Maddy got 19 even. It was a very nice pr for me. At PG last year I got 14-15 feet. And I beat Maddy so at least I beat someone, I got last out of the guys. Next year, cuz I only come out for shotput once a season, I'll go for over 20. 

I just took an ice bath so thats cool. Shout out to Galen, Justin, and Jamison cuz I saw them and talked to em a lil. Davis should be sick next week, in case you were wondering im not running the 4x400 again   

Shout out to Warbeast for passing me in monthly views #cantstopwontstop #AA

New Balance LD5000 Miles: 1.00Energy Boost 2 Blue Miles: 8.00
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Easy distance run today, my legs were tired so my average pace was 7:21. We ran by the spinny park and the fish park in AF. Tomorrow we got speed.  

Energy Boost 2 Blue Miles: 9.00
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Warm up then very good speed workout. 3 sets of 400,800,400. 4's at mile pace 8's at 2 mile pace. I can't remember all of my times but my averages were 68-69 and 2:30ish. The wind made it slightly more difficult but we're most likely gonna have wind at region so whateva. Then we finished our miles by vets park. The training room was open when we finished for the first time in months so me, Thomas, Maddy, and Emily took an ice bath.

HMU on garmin connect @connor_baller

Shout out to Jack Bluth from Milton High in GA cuz we're going back to the xc camp at byu where we met last year

Happy birthday to my two favorite runner babes! candizzle greenwood and AA

Shout out to Warbeast who gave me a shout out sorta. Right now Warbeast, Controversial Cam, Me, and Jake K are all in a line on the mileage board #twinners #37.5-37

Energy Boost 2 Blue Miles: 10.00
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Beautiful run today, it was sunny and the temperature was totes perf. Little over ten distance run at 6:55 avg pace. It was Thom and Matt that went with me today and we got some good hills in. We ran up airport and the dip, then came down by eaglecrest. 

Congrats to Aubrey Argyle for getting an all-american 4th place finish at New Balance Nats in the 5k. 16:50! Good luck to their guys 4xMile who run tomorrow 

Energy Boost 2 Blue Miles: 10.25
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10 mile distance run at distance pace. I ran while my dad biked beside me cuz he's old and slow. 1.5 warmup then I ran by pioneer crossing and did a 4.25 out and back and felt good. On the way out average pace was a 6:09, on the  way back the legs were getting a little tired because of the fast pace at the start but the pace was still quick and finished with a 6:13 average pace for the eight and a half miles, not including the warm up.   

Plans for next week. Get a little speed in on monday, pre meet on tuesday, and then go kill the mile and 4x800 at Davis! Good job to Davis' 4xmile team for getting second at New Balance Nationals with a 17:12 (or something close to that) and then a few hours later they ran the 4x8 and won first place! 1st in the nation! I cant remember their exact time but it was sub 7:50 again. We'll have to go beat their time at the invite in a few days ;)

Shout out to Thomas because his run today was at 8 minute pace, and I'm putting this in on his computer. We just had some cool orange juice stuff and hung with his sis Jackie, now were home alone doing hoodrat stuff while they go run errands.  

Energy Boost 2 Blue Miles: 10.00
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Energy Boost 2 Blue Miles: 56.25New Balance LD5000 Miles: 1.00
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