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Member Since:

Jan 15, 2015



Goal Type:

World Class

Running Accomplishments:

Received a scholarship to run in college 

3rd place at State XC senior year 

Footlocker Nationals Qualifier 


800- 1:57.85 (Region IV)

1600- 4:21.03 (State) 

3200- 9:07.59 (Arcadia Invite) 

5k- 15:20 (Nike Southwest)


Short-Term Running Goals:

Travel during XC season

Qualify for XC Nationals

Break the Weber State Freshman record in the 5k (14:36) and 10k (30:06)

Long-Term Running Goals:

Leave a legacy/ Help Weber become a school that is competitive on the national stage.

Break 4 minutes in the mile

Weber Top 10 in 1500 - 10k  

NCAA All-American in the 10K and Cross Country



I grew up in Lehi, Utah where I ran for Lehi High School and made many incredible memories. In the summer of 2018 I returned home from a LDS mission in Paris, France and am now a student athlete at Weber State University #weareweber  

Follow me on instagram @connor_baller


Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 16.49 Month: 104.53 Year: 939.39
Barefoot Lifetime Miles: 100.40
Pegasus 34 Gray Lifetime Miles: 104.08
Pegasus 35 White Lifetime Miles: 341.98
NB 880v9 Lifetime Miles: 200.60
GT-2k 7 Lifetime Miles: 161.52
Adios 4 Lifetime Miles: 70.82
Total Distance
Asics GT-2000 3 Gray Miles: 25.75Clifton 2 Green Miles: 29.00Nike Rival XC Miles: 6.25Barefoot Miles: 3.00
Total Distance

Me and Thom went to practice a lil early so we could get a few more miles in before the workout so we didn't have to do them after. We got 4 and ended at the groval next to airport. Did our stretches and a few strides. The workout was 100,200,300,400,500 meters up the hill at 5k goal pace, equal recovery down, then jump into the next set. We took a break before the last one to get some water. The 100 was flat. The next hundred of the 200 was all increasing incline. The 300 you ran till just before it levels out. 400 you run for a little bit after leveling out. 500 you run for a while after it levels out.  

I ran the workout as even as possible. Just looking down at my watch occasionally the 100 was 5:00, the 200 5:20, and it got slower cuz the hill gets steeper the farther you go up until it levels out. My 5k goal pace is for Nike SW, the flat golf course so there is no way I can do that pace up airport, its just not realistic. So I made sure the effort was there and it was a good workout, I got like 5.75 miles.

Little around the grass, then back to the high school and a stride on the football field.   

Asics GT-2000 3 Gray Miles: 12.00
Total Distance

Long recovery run with Thom to IM Flash, first time i've ever been up there. Took a while but we didn't push it so it felt decent.    

Clifton 2 Green Miles: 12.00
Race: 6 minute test (1.271 Miles) 00:06:00
Total Distance

AM: 3.5 on redwood 

PM: 2 mile warm up. Then switched shoes and did some strides. We had the 6 minute test. Get as far as you can in 6 minutes. I really like it. I had done it three times previously. Got 1925ish meters, then got 1975ish meters, then last xc season Sean and I broke 5 laps and I got 2010ish meters.

Today I got 2045 ish meters, about half the curve. We switched off pacing laps. Collin led us thru at 70, I led us thru at 2:25, Ryan led us thru at 3:40. We hit the mile at 4:52-53, the same time as when me and sean were running it, I had a better 5th lap this time. With 100 meters to go before we hit the mile is when we started to break the somewhat str8 line of drafting and take off. When I say we, it was ryan, thom, collin, and I. Felt good with 200 to go, crossed the line with 6-7 seconds left. With the switching off pacing and stuff it made it so much more easy and fun and jamie said it looked like a pro race. After we did 1.5 miles barefoot around the baseball/soccer fields. Then Chicken Nugget came out after his ACT prep thing and we did a couple miles and switched off pacing him for his 6 minute test, a 400 at about 75. Jumped in the solw with the twins after.      

Nike Rival XC Miles: 2.00Barefoot Miles: 1.50Asics GT-2000 3 Gray Miles: 8.50
Total Distance

4 miles and then pre meet. 800 in 2:34. On my run today I was just thinking about how grateful I am for my coach and the awesome team gift that she gave to us today!

Shout out to good ol Vickie Fitz cuz we saw her when we were doing our pre meet. 

Nike Rival XC Miles: 1.00Clifton 2 Green Miles: 7.00
Race: Herriman Invite (3 Miles) 00:17:10, Place overall: 7
Total Distance

2.5 mile warm up. We sat on the line for like 15 minutes before the race started so I just stretched a lil and occasionally did a stride and talked with sorta Talon Hull and Addison Hedges and the cool guys from Weber. Shout out to them for getting third today.

The course bottle-necks after 20 meters no joke, so I sprinted the first part and got out of trouble and then proceeded to control my pace for the first mile, which on the watch was 5:59 haha, at least it was sub 6. And it was mostly uphill. I could have gone a little quicker and maybe caught Joe by the end but I wanted to go on the safe side. I was prolly in 15th ish place. Second mile is downhill and I got 5:02 hahaha lol, hows that for not slowing down the second mile. Feel like I did a good job taking advantage of the down hills and passed some people.

Mile 3. The Mutha Cussa. Got up it, didn't walk. Thats an accomplishment. I dont know how to describe it. Unless you've ran there idk if you know how much it wipes you out. The cadence kinda takes a hit after it. There were a ton of Lehi people on the sides of the trail a little ways after it cheering us on and I wanted to speed up for them to make it look like I was killing it but I was going like 6:30 pace and there was nothing I could do about it haha. Mile 3 split was 6:05. Held on pretty well. Joe started a lot faster than me so he was coming back to me, but I didn't have enough to catch him by the end. He got 17:06, I got 17:10. 7th, so first team varsity. Got a sick shirt. I was very happy with myself and the team. We took second behind AF and ahead of Weber. 35, 76, 91. Thomas had an awesome race and finished in 17:18 and 8th place. Then Ryan in 14th, Collin did good. Austin didn't run because he had some pain in his foot, he got it checked and its not a stress fracture. So thats good. Guppy got 4th overall in the girls varsity and the team got 3rd so shout out to them! 2.75ish cooldown with the homies around the course.

Shout out to Asa for hosting a sick Utah vs. Utah St. viewing party thing. Shout out to Papa Hagert for coming out and supporting Lehi XC today! Shout out to Mama Biles for cheering me on and the herriman volunteers for heckling me after the race. You guys the real mvp's. In the words of Kallie Bunnell. h8ers are my motiv8ers.   


Nike Rival XC Miles: 3.25Asics GT-2000 3 Gray Miles: 5.25
Total Distance

Nice run on the murdock canal trail. Weather was beaut and it was a fun time. Avg pace 6:54 feeling good. Power ball and comp cred to Thom. 

Played fugative at Ian Hansen's party and got around 1.5 of barefoot running cuz I was wearing sandals. I wont count it on the daily miles but ill add it to the barefoot mileage thingy. Me and Thom destroyed the competition. 

Barefoot Miles: 1.50Clifton 2 Green Miles: 10.00
Total Distance
Asics GT-2000 3 Gray Miles: 25.75Clifton 2 Green Miles: 29.00Nike Rival XC Miles: 6.25Barefoot Miles: 3.00
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